NYCMD Series – CWDM Microwave DFB Laser Module

  • NYCMD series module is a directly modulated DFB laser that provides exceptional performance for linear fiber optics communications in very wide bandwidth applications.
  • NYCMD’s linear fiber optic lasers are an excellent alternative to using coaxial cable systems to transmit 12 GHz or 18 GHz signals.
  • NYCMD lasers offer significant improvements in the reliability of microwave communications networks by transmitting the RF signal in its original format.
  • This results in significant improvements in signal quality for a wide variety of applications including antenna remoting, telemetry, timing and reference signal distribution, measurement, and delay lines.
  • The NYCMD series laser module built-in optical isolator, TEC, thermistor, laser diode chip, and monitor photodiode are hermetically sealed in a 7PIN butterfly package.


Features of NYCMD Series CWDM Microwave DFB Laser Module

  • High-Dynamic-Range
  • 18 GHz Bandwidth
  • Low threshold current
  • High output power
  • 7pin butterfly package with SMA connector
  • Operating case temperature:  -40 to 70℃
  • High reliability

Applications of NYCMD Series CWDM Microwave DFB Laser Module

  • Antenna Remoting
  • Cellular and PCS Networks
  • Analog RF links transmission
  • Military Communications
  • Tracking, Telemetry, and Control

Performance Specifications of NYCMD Series CWDM Microwave DFB Laser Module

Absolute Maximum Rating
Parameter Symbol Min. Max. Unit
Laser diode forward current If 120 mA
Laser diode reverse voltage V 1 V
Front power Pf 20 dBm
PD reverse voltage V 15 V
Forward current (PD) Im 2 mA
Operation temperature To -40 70 °C
Storage temperature Ts -55 85 °C
Storage relative humdity Sr 85 %

Optical and Electrical Specification (Tc=25°C)
Parameter Symbol Test Condition Min Typ Max Units Note
Wavelength λ IF = IOP, T = TOP 1270 CW 1390 nm Option
Frequency X Option 0.3 12 GHz
Ku option 0.8 18
Optical Output Power P IF=Iop 10 mW 1
Thershold current Ith λ:CWDM 10 mA
Operation current Iop λ:CWDM 55 100 mA
Operation voltage Vop λ:CWDM 1.5 2.5 V
Slope efficiency SE 0.2 W/A
Side-mode suppression ratio SMSR λ:CWDM ,IF=Iop 30 dB
Rative Intensity Noise RIN -130 dB/Hz
Bandwidth (-3dB,I=60mA) S21 X Option 12 GHz
Ku option 18
Return loss VSWR X Option 2 dB
Ku option 2.2
Input 1 dB Compression 15 dBm
Thermistor Resistance Rth @25C 10 Kohm
TEC current It 1.2 A 2
TEC voltage Vt 2.5 V 2
Capacitance (PD) Ct 20 pF
Monitoring current Im 0.1 2 mA
Dark current (PD) Id 50 nA

Notes: All laser chips come from wafers that have been certified using a representative lot of devices that must achieve an acceptable yield for burn-in.

  1. Laser temperature set 25℃, bias current at 55mA
  2. Operation case temperature -40~70℃

Typical Data of NYCMD Series CWDM Microwave DFB Laser Module

(λ:CWDM, TC =25 ℃)

Fig . 1 X- Band S11 and S22 data
Fig . 2 Ku- Band S11 and S22 data

Electrical Schematic

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Dimension and Pins ( Unit: mm[inch] )


Ordering Information


Sheet 1:

CodeTypical Wavelength
CMCWDM Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexer 7PIN butterfly package

Sheet 2:

CodeAnalog Bandwidth
X0.1 ~ 12 GHz
Ku1~ 18 GHz

Sheet 3:


Sheet 4:

Code Connector Type Remark
A FC / APC Single-mode 9 / 125 μm fiber pigtail, 0.9mm, 1m length
N No Connector


  • The fiber bending radius is no less than 20 mm to avoid fiber damage.
  • Be sure the fiber coupling facet is clean before connecting it to the Opto-circuit.
  • Suitable ESD protection is required in storage, transportation, and use.

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