NY55D Series High Power DWDM DFB Laser

  • NY55D series laser component is characterized for use as a wavelength selected, high-power optical source in combination with an external modulator in CATV and DWDM networks, especially for super trunking and distribution. Selected wavelengths comply with ITU Grid recommendations, both in range and in channel definition.
  • NY55D series is equipped with polarization maintaining (PM) fiber and DC-coupled with a built-in TEC, thermistor, and monitor photodiode. The device is mounted in a 14-pin, OC-48 pin-out compatible butterfly package with the optical isolator inside the package.


Features of NY55D Series High Power DWDM DFB Laser

  • High-Dynamic-Range
  • Low Threshold Current
  • High Output Power
  • 14pin Butterfly Package
  • Operating Case Temperature: -20 to 70℃
  • High Reliability
  • Up to 100mw high power output
  • Polarization Maintaining (PM) fiber

Applications of NY55D Series High Power DWDM DFB Laser

  • DWDM
  • CATV
  • Free Space Optics

NY55D Series High Power DWDM DFB Laser Selection

Electrical / Optical Characteristics (Tc = 25 ± 3 ℃)
Parameter Sym. Condition Min Typ Max Units
Frequency f 0.01 1 Ghz
Bandwidth (-3dB,I=200mA) S21 1 Ghz
Optical output power 40 mW version, T = Tset, IF = IOP 40 mW
50 mW version, T = Tset, IF = IOP 50
63 mW version, T = Tset, IF = IOP 63
80 mW version, T = Tset, IF = IOP 80
100 mW version, T = Tset, IF = IOP 100
Thershold current Ith BOL 40 mA
Operation current Iop 40 mW version, BOL 280 mA
50 mW version, BOL 350
63 mW version, BOL 450
80 mW version, BOL 580
100 mW version, BOL 650
Operation voltage Vop BOL, IF = IOP 2.5 V
Peak wavelength λ T = Tset, IF = IOP 1550 nm
Rative intensity noise RIN -160 dB/Hz
Side-mode suppression ratio SMSR 30 dB
Polarization extinctionratio PER IF = IOP 17 dB
Wavelength drift over TC Range ∆λTOP T = TOP 40 pm
Thermistor resistance Rth TOP=25 9.5 10 10.5
Thermistor Temp. Coefficients TCTH TOP=25 -4.4 %/°C
TEC current Itec -20<TC<70 -1 1.5 A
TEC voltage Vtec -20<TC<70 -2 3 V
RF impedance Zin 40 MHz – 1002 MHz 1 6 Ω
Monitor PD current Im IF = IOP , VMPD = -5 V 0.1 2.5 mA
Monitor PD Dark current (PD) Id IOP = 0 mA , VMPD = -5 V 0.2 uA

Typical & Absolute Maximum Rating
Parameter Sym. Condition Min. Max. Unit
Laser forward DC current If 750 mA
Laser reverse voltage V 2 V
Photodiode Reverse Voltage VR 10 V
Operation temperature To -20 70 °C
Storage temperature Ts -40 85 °C
ESD HBM: R = 1500 Ω, C = 100 pF -500 500 V

Notes: All laser chips come from wafers that have been certified using a representative lot of devices that must achieve an acceptable yield for burn-in.

Typical Data


Electrical Schematic

1328546424552267777 1
4PD anode11GND(LD+)
5PD cathode12RF IN

Dimension and Pins ( Unit: mm[inch] )


Ordering Information

NY55D Series High Power DWDM DFB laser


  • The fiber bending radius is no less than 20 mm to avoid fiber damage.
  • Be sure the fiber coupling facet is clean before connecting it to the Opto-circuit.
  • Suitable ESD protection is required in storage, transportation, and use.

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