Introduction of Radio Altimeter Simulator

DS-HES series radio altimeter simulators are photoelectric delay systems specially developed for various radio altimeter simulators’ production, measurements, and maintenance. The systems depend on the technology of the fiber-optic delay line, using fiber-optic lines as the carrier, and the feature of light delay to simulate RF microwave signals’ space transmission distance. In addition, with this technology, the systems can simulate and measure different heights’ transmission.

NEON’s radio altimeter test set mainly contains three models: standard case, portable and core module.

Specification of the Radio Altimeter Test Set

Parameter Parameter values Unit Remark
Min Typical Max
Frequency range 4 4.6 GHz  
Amplitude response ±1.5 ±2 dB  
Simulate height 1 22000 m Extensible
Simulate height accuracy 0.50% 1%  
Maximum input power 2 Customized W Continuous wave
100 Customized W Pulse wave
Input VSWR 1.3 1.5  
Output VSWR 1.3 1.5  
Impedance 50 Ω  
Simulate attenuation’s adjustable range 80 Customized dB  
straight suppression ratio 60 80 dBc  
triple transit signals No  
Operating Temperature Range -40 70 Customized with quality grade
Storage Temperature Range -55 85
Simulate height vs. Temperature 7 ppm/  
Simulate accuracy vs. Temperature 3 6 %/ Can be compensated

Features of Radio Altimeter Simulator

  • Wide simulated height range(0 to 22000 above );
  • High simulate altimeter accuracy(≥1‰);
  • Optional simulate configuration(support more than 210 configurations);
  • Manual switch and automatic switch;
  • Volume miniaturization, strong electromagnetic compatibility, high work reliability;
  • Multiple control modes: UART, LAN, etc. ;
  • Various standard test platform interfaces such as PXI, VXI, and LXI.

Application of Radio Altimeter Simulator

  • Place: Radio altimeter for radar, AEW, satellite, helicopter, etc.
  • Measure the accuracy of the altimeter
  • Measure the sensitivity of research and tracking
  • Measurement of another parameter

Working Principle of Radio Altimeter Simulator

Radio Altimeter Simulator is mainly composed of an RF attenuation module, electrical/optical conversion module, optical fiber delay module, optical/electrical conversion module, RF amplification module, adjustable attenuation module, power supply conversion module, microcomputer control, and touch display module. It is used to complete the altitude excitation of the radio altimeter in the laboratory environment.


Advantages of Radio Altimeter Simulator

Compare with the traditional SAM(surface acoustic wave) delay line system, the DS-HES series radio altimeter simulator have more advantages such as a wide working frequency band, high straight suppression ratio, triple transit signals that are immeasurable, long-life operation without calibration, and high work reliability.





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