HHPD High Speed InGaAs Hybrid Photodetector

  • The FCPD is an optoelectronic hybrid integrated by broadband InGaAs photodiode. The response wavelength of the InGaAs PIN photodiode is 1000 to 1650nm. Bandwidth:1GHz, 2.5GHz, or customization (maximum 8GHz). Operates on +5V supply voltages. An optical input port is a standard FC(face-contacted) fiber-optic connector. ORF output port is an SMA-compatible connector matched by 50-ohm impedance.
  • ROHS 2.0 certificated.


Introduce of HHPD Hybrid Photodetector 
The HHPD high-speed InGaAs Hybrid Photodetector is designed for both digital and analog applications. The module contains an InGaAs PIN photodiode in which response wavelength covers 1250 to 1650 nm and necessary matching electronics. 

NEON’s HHPD can provide a bandwidth of 12 GHz and 18 GHz. The module operates on +3.3 V. It complies with a standard single-mode 9/125μm fiber input. The RF output port is an SMA-compatible connector matched by 50-ohm impedance. 

HHPD is hermetically sealed and weighs less than 23 grams. 

ROHS 2.0 certificated.

Features of HHPD Hybrid Photodetector
Wide Bandwidth

High Responsivity

Incorporated Bias-T

High saturation Input

Hermetically Sealed, SMA Connector 

Applications of HHPD Hybrid Photodetector
High-speed Optical-fiber Communication

Radar Information Processing

Electronic Warfare

High-speed Signal Test and Measurement

Product Selection

Typical & Absolute Maximum Rating
Parameter Sym. Typ Rating Unit
Storage temperature range TSTG -45 ~ +85 -55 ~ +100
Operating case temperature range TC 25 -40 ~ +85
Bias Voltage VR +3.3 +2.8 +5 V
Optical Input Power Pin 0 +13 dBm
Burn-out Optical Power PB +16 dBm
Lead soldering temperature Tp 280(10s) 330(10s)

Electrical / Optical Characteristics ( TC = 22 ± 3  )
Parameter Sym Test Condition Parameter Values Unit
Wavelength Range λ 1000  1650 nm
Frequency Range X  Band Ku  Band
Small Signal Bandwidth f-3dB TC = 22 ± 3 0. 3  12 0.8 ~ 18 GHz
Responsivity Re VR =+9V,   λ = 1310nm  0.8  0.85 A/W
    Pin =10mW λ = 1550nm  0.85  0.8  
Amplitude Flatness A TC =-45~+85   ±1.5 dB

Saturation Optical Power


VR = +9V, λ = 1550nm  AC Modulated



Saturation RF Output Power Pout -10 dBm
Output VSWR VSWR  2 ≤ 2.2
Dark Current Id VR = 3.3 V ≤ 10  
Output Impedance RL 50 Ω

Response Curve

Fig . 1 X- Band Photodetector Frequency Response
Fig . 2 Ku- Band Photodetector Frequency Response

Dimension and Pins ( Unit: mm[inch] ) 


RF Connector: SMA Connector

Ordering Information



  1. The fiber bending radius no less than 20 mm for avoiding fiber damage.
  2. Be sure the fiber coupling facet is clean before connecting it to Opto-circuit.
  3. Suitable ESD protection is required in storage, transportation, and use.

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