1.  Ability

Master fiber-optic delay line technology, analog & microwave signals optical transmission technology. Have the project designs ability of optical delay, transmission, and processing which aim at various analogy & microwave optical signals(continuous wave, modulated the signal, coded signal, pulse signal, etc). Possess the R&D ability of different levels of optical communication products such as device level, module level, component level, subsystem level, system level. Acquaint with military photoelectric communication products’ development, production, and maintenance.


2. Application and prospect

2.1  Military field

The routine investigation, communication, against radar systems (conventional ground, carrier-borne, airborne)

Main function: Implement the function of optical transmission, delay, allocation, and processing of frequency signal, video signal, a clock signal, RF signal, microwave signal, control signal, excitation signal.

Application: Phased antenna array radar system, bait radar system, photoelectric counter radar system.

Missile and guidance system

Main Function: Implement the function of guidance signal delay processing and transmission.

Representative application: Missile ignition simulated system.

Satellite communication(ground, spaceborne)

Function: Satellite communication’s delay processing and transmission, completing the function of signal transmission and communication of the ground monitoring system.

Representative application: XXX system.

UAV(unmanned aerial vehicle) system

Function: Implement the function of optical delay, transmission, distribution, processing, etc which contrapose UAV project comprehensive RF, microwave, data signal.

Representative application: XXX ultra-wideband.

2.2  Commercial field

CATV(cable television)

Function: Optical transmission and processing of CATV multispectral video, RF signal data, mainline network, area of the terminal.

Remark: At present, the upgrade of digital high definition television will put forward a higher requirement of the mainline network’s function of transmission and processing of area of the terminal. In this case, the products have a good prospect.

Commercial radar system(meteorological radar, mapping radar, astronomy radar, which-mounted radar, etc)

Function: The place where major commercial radar system manufactures and simulates, auto parts manufacturing premises.

Typical products: Doppler meteorological radar system, automotive electronics dog system.

Remark: With the rapid development of the civilian radar system, the products will be widely used in the future. Most likely, fiber-optic communication will be used in all kinds of radar systems’ signal transmission, distribution, processing. With the growth of the market of automobile terminal consumption, constraining its burglar, visualization, counter reconnaissance, the technology has a bright prospect.

Aeronautical radio altimeter

Function: In maintaining and testing the aeronautical radio altimeter, with the feature of optical delay, implement the simulation testing of different altimeters.

Representative products: XXX fiber-optic targets simulator;

Remark: At present, the altimeter simulation which major civilian airplane manufactures and maintains the place, major civil aviation airports use is based on the technology of SAW(surface acoustic wave) delay line. As a result, its performance indicators have poorer behavior than the fiber-optic delay line. In this case, our technicians will have a huge market.

Fiber-optic repeater station

Function: Extend base station RF modulate a signal to the place where without signal covering or with a weak signal.

Typical products: XXX fiber-optic repeater station system;

2.3  Other

There are various application areas(RFID, RF interference machine, a new generation of HD video surveillance, city security system, etc) and a new application field(not yet implemented engineered, is a principle prototype stage).