NEON is fouce on the highest standard of precision manufacture,quality and reliability. We have involved rigorous testing at each stage of the project to ensure the quality.
NEON pioneered RF photonics, microwave photonics and optical delay line technologys to effectively realize the feature of ultra-wideband, high dynamic range ,integration of RF system,etc.

Our main technologys design for:
◆ Simulate high speed photoelectric detection
◆ Digital photoelectric modulation
◆ High speed photoelectric transceiver components
◆ Various fiber-optic transmission facility

Technology improves life

NEON is a supplier of highly engineered commercial and industrial off-the-shelf or customized module designed for today’s high-speed optical communication network infrastructures and leading-edge defense systems.

Why choose us:
• +10 Years of experience in the industry
• Over 50 experienced employees, including 10 postgraduates and more than 5 experts
• High precise equipment and advanced technology

10 years more experienced engineers team and well trained sales team to support every project Provide different shipping way quotes to customer, accordingly customer accepted delivery time to find cheapest shipping way.
Small orders also be welcome Long term cooperation is our target, quality and price are our basic to achieve it. You only have sketch, don’t worry, we will provide official drawing after communication, it will take limited expense only.
You have not confirm which material is best for your project, don’t worry, we will give you suggestion to you after communication with you. Why choose us? Because you don’t need concern too much, we will think for you, after you place order, you only need pay, we will do all things for you.