MAMPD-4 Multichannel High-Speed Amplified Microwave Broadband Photodetector

MAMPD-4 is an optoelectronic hybrid integrated by broadband InGaAs photodiode and low noise amplifier. Wavelength:1000 to 1650nm, Gain:15 dB, Bandwidth/Frequency: 12GHz and 18GHz, Optical input: Standard single-mode 9/125μm fiber, RF output: SMP compatible connector, hermetically sealed, Weighs less than 62 grams, ROHS 2.0 certificated.


Introduce of MAMPD-4 Broadband Photodetector
The MAMPD-4 is a Broadband Photodetector hybrid integrated by broadband InGaAs photodiode and low noise amplifier. The response wavelength of the InGaAs PIN photodiode is 1000 to 1650nm. The RF gain of a low-noise amplifier is 15 dB.

MAMPD-4 can provide a bandwidth of 12GHz and 18GHz. The module operates on +5V supply voltages. It complies with a standard single-mode 9/125μm fiber input. The RF output port is an SMP-compatible connector matched by 50-ohm impedance.  

MAMPD-4 is hermetically sealed and weighs less than 62 grams. 

ROHS 2.0 certificated.
Features of MAMPD-4 Broadband Photodetector
Wide Bandwidth
Incorporated Bias-T
O/E Hybrid Integrated
High Gain, Low Noise, Broadband
Hermetically Sealed, SMP connector 

Applications of MAMPD-4 Broadband Photodetector
Radar Information Processing
Electronic Warfare          
Antenna Measurement

Product Selection

Typical & Absolute Maximum Rating
Parameter Sym. Typ Rating Unit
Storage temperature range TSTG -45 ~ +85 -55 ~ +100
Operating case temperature range TC 25 -40 ~ +85
Bias Voltage VR +5 +5  +9 V
Optical Input Power Pin 0 +10 dBm
Burn-out Optical Power PB +13 dBm
Lead soldering temperature Tp 280(10s) 330(10s)

Electrical / Optical Characteristics ( TC = 22 ± 3  )
Parameter Sym Test Condition Parameter Values Unit
Wavelength Range λ 1000  1650 nm
Frequency Range X  Band Ku  Band
Small Signal Bandwidth f-3dB TC = 22 ± 3 0. 3  12 2 18 GHz
Responsivity Re VR =+5V,   λ = 1310nm  0.85  0.85 A/W
    Pin =10mW λ = 1550nm  0.9  0.8  
Amplitude Flatness A TC =-45~+85   ± 2 dB

Saturation Optical Power


VR = +5V, λ = 1550nm  AC Modulated



RF Signal Gain G 15 ± 1 dB
Saturation RF Output Power Pout +3 dBm
Output VSWR VSWR  2
Output Impedance RL 50 Ω

Typical Response Curves

Fig . 1 X- Band Photodetector Frequency Response
Fig . 2 Ku- Band Photodetector Frequency Response

Dimension and Pins ( Unit: mm[inch] ) 


Model Information



  • The fiber bending radius no less than 20 mm for avoiding fiber damage.
  • Be sure the fiber coupling facet is clean before connecting it to Opto-circuit.
  • Suitable ESD protection is required in storage, transportation, and use.

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  • High-speed photoelectric transceiver components
  • The various fiber-optic transmission facility

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