SSPD Mini-High Speed InGaAs Photodetector

SSPD Mini-High Speed InGaAs Photodetector

SSPD-Ku+  Mini-High Speed InGaAs Photodetector

  The SSPD high-speed detector module is designed for both digital and analog applications. The module contains an InGaAs PIN photodiode whose response wavelength covers 1000 to 1650 nm and necessary matching electronics.

  SSPD can provide a bandwidth of 20 GHz. The module operates on +5 V. It complies with a standard single-mode 9 / 125 μm fiber input. The RF output port is an SMP-compatible connector matched by 50-ohm impedance.

   SSPD is hermetically sealed in a small house and weighs less than 8 grams.

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