FCAMPD InGaAs Pin Photodetector Detector Published


 In December 2019, the FCAMPD InGaAs Pin Photodetector was published. Based on the structure of FCPD, the microwave amplification module is added to FCAMPD.

FCAMPD is an optoelectronic hybrid integrated by broadband InGaAs photodiode and low noise amplifier. The optical input port is a standard FC(face-contacted) fiber-optic connector. RF output port is an SMA-compatible connector matched by 50-ohm impedance.

FCAMPD  has the advantages of large gain, low noise, high response, and wide temperature range. The RF gain can reach 20 ~ 30dB, and the responsivity is more than 0.9a/w when the wavelength is 1550nm. It is mainly used in radar information processing, electronic warfare, antenna testing, and other scenes.

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