D-SS-LNF series Optical Delay Line & Optical Simulator


DS-LNF series are low noise figure fiber-optic tranmission&optical simulator series, which has raised the indicator of noise coefficient’s quality grades by the advanced technology for microwave photons such as RIN high powered high stable DC light power control, arbitrary point controlled external modulator biases drive,ultra-wideband&high saturation reception. As a result, DS-LNF is better than traditional fiber-optic lines delay&optical simulator 10~20dB.

DS-LNF series can be widely applied for broadband high-sensitive radar signal receiving, radar signal simulation, electronic war, electronic reconnaissance, etc.

DS-LNF series products are customized, which work effectively in the whole P~Ka bandwidth. According to users’ demands, we can produce appropriate delays, structures, and quality-grade products.

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